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Our secret for a naturally full-flavoured herbal tea? First quality ingredients, nothing else. That's why we source the finest Egyptian chamomile flowers from Egypt. The result? A premium herbal tea with light body that is wellknown for its benefits, especially for helping with sleep and relaxation : perfect for winding down during a hectic afternoon at the office, or at home at the end of the day.

This tea is also known as Egyptian Chamomile in selected packaging.

Ingredients : chamomile flowers.

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Kosher certifiedHalal certified

Mike's Rating

1 Briskness
1 Body
2 Aroma
 Details: Drinking the liquor from the chamomile flower is very ancient and widespread through many cultures. It is grown in Europe and Mexico, but we like the sweetness of the flowers grown in Egypt.
 Dry Leaves: Dark yellow chamomile flowers and chamomile pollen.
 Liquor: The liquor of our chamomile is a bright clear yellow
 Aroma: A light floral smell with a subtle smell of apples.
 Flavors: Very subtle apple flavours can be found in our mellow chamomile.
 Caffeine Level: 0 mg/sachet
 Body: Light-bodied, Nice for a caffeine-free herbal.
 Brewing Time: 5'
 Brewing Temp: 95°º