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Indigo Punch
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Indigo Punch

Indigo Punch

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Packaging Type:Sachets
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Indigo Punch

Sachets / HT Tin of 20

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Vibrant and full of crisp, fruity flavours, our Indigo Punch combines the delicate tang of rose hips and apple pieces. The earthy tones of the gorgeous butterfly pea flower make this a unique blend. Bright lemongrass, lemon peel, and vivid raspberry round out the palate of this beautiful brew, along with natural honey flavour for a touch of sweetness. 

    Ingredients : apple pieces, rose hips, butterfly pea flower, lemon peel, lemongrass, natural raspberry flavour, natural honey flavour.

     Please note that the mineral content of your water source will affect the colour of the brew. Our photos use local spring water sourced from the Berkshires. If the colour of your brew is different, please consider trying an alternative water source. 

    Mike's Rating

    1 Briskness
    2 Body
    4 Aroma
     Details: A wonderful sensation for the eyes and nose alike.
     Dry Leaves: Large, deep indigo flowers.
     Liquor: Dark navy
     Aroma: Raspberry, citrus, and honey.
     Flavors: Raspberry, citrus, and honey.
     Caffeine Level: 0 mg/sachet
     Body: Medium-bodied
     Brewing Time: 5'
     Brewing Temp: 95°º