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Peppermint Herbal
Peppermint Herbal
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Peppermint Herbal

Peppermint Herbal

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Peppermint Herbal

Sachets / Classic Tin of 20 Sachets

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Our marvelously brisk Peppermint comes from Washington State, and the leaves produce a wonderfully aromatic and crisp tasting tisane. We find a cup of Peppermint can also get a pesky stomach under control in no time.

Ingredients : peppermint.

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Kosher Halal

Mike's Rating

1 Briskness
1 Body
5 Aroma
 Details: Peppermint has been drunk for a long time. People appreciate its refreshing flavor and it can help calm an overly active stomach. It can be chilled and used during the hot months.
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 Liqueur :
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 Temps d'infusion : 5'
 Température d'infusion : 95°º