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Venetian Tiramisu

Venetian Tiramisu

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Venetian Tiramisu

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Indulge your senses in the flavours of our Venetian Tiramisu tea.
Each cup begins with a blend of delicately floral Pai Mu Tan white tea and toasty Japanese Hojicha. Then, the swirling flavours of cocoa and vanilla layer throughout the white tea, is accented by the cocoa nibs and just a hint of brandy flavour. The result is a shimmering, deliciously complex infusion.

This Tiramisu flavours inspired tea is evocative and very romantic. It summons up visions of Venice in every sip !

Ingredients: white tea, green tea, natural cocoa flavours, natural vanilla flavours, cacao nibs, natural brandy flavours.


Mike's Rating

1 Briskness
2 Body
3 Aroma
 Details: A Venetian indulgence only a cup away. Tiramisu-inspired flavours of cocoa and vanilla swirl through a blend of delicate Bai Mu Dan tea and toasty Japanese Hojicha with just a hint of brandy flavour.
 Feuilles : Brown tea stalks with dark and light green leaves.
 Liqueur : Medum brown.
 Arôme : Notes of cacao and espresso dominate, with a hint of brandy.
 Flaveurs : The vanilla shines in the cup, sitting atop mellow cacao notes.
 Niveau de caféine :
 Corps : Light bodied.
 Temps d'infusion : 3'
 Température d'infusion : 80°º