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Citron Green Bio, 50 Sachets papier individuels

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Citron Green Bio, 50 Sachets papier individuels

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We often suggest Citron Green, a delicately flavoured green tea, to our tasting room customers interested in trying green tea for the first time. The light citrus and beautiful orange flavours provide a gentle introduction to green tea. Each tea bag brews a 6 to 8 oz cup of tea.

Ingredients : organic green tea, organic orange oil.


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Mike's Rating

2 Briskness
2 Body
4 Aroma
 Details: This tea is clear as a bell, a green bell. The citrus flavors blend quite nicely with the slightly lemony flavors found in the steamed Chinese green tea. We find it to be a great tea for those unfamiliar with green tea.
 Feuilles : A blend of both light and dark green tea leaves.
 Liqueur : Light clear yellow.
 Arôme : Citrus, especially orange, are prominent in our Citron Green.
 Flaveurs : An array of tropical and citrus fruits, especially orange.
 Niveau de caféine :
 Corps : Light-bodied
 Temps d'infusion : 3'
 Température d'infusion : 80°º