Raspberries & Dark Chocolate Biscuits
Raspberries & Dark Chocolate Biscuits

Raspberries & Dark Chocolate Biscuits

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Raspberries & Dark Chocolate Biscuits

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These delicious all-butter biscuits are a balance of tart, sweet and rich flavours that dance on the palate. An indulgent biscuit from the Elegant & English range, it's designed to be a perfect partner for tea. These ones go particularly well with the malty flavours of Assam.

Ideal for dipping, with a slight crunch and crumble on the bite, this biscuit makes a lovely light snack for mid-morning or when the afternoon lull comes around.

Classic and stylish, each biscuit is embossed with an attractive ‘Elegant & English’ design. All-butter sweet biscuits, made in England by Artisan Biscuits from high-quality and natural ingredients.

Net weight : 125g.

Raspberries & Dark Chocolate Biscuits
Ingredients : wheat flour , butter 29% , sugar, cocoa mass 2%, cocoa powder 1%, natural flavouring, caramel syrup,, emulsifier (soya lecithin) , raspberry juice concentrate 0,3%, salt, raising agent ( sodium bicarbonate). May contain traces of nuts. Not suitable for nut allergy sufferers.