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Verveine (Lemon Verbena)

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Verveine (Lemon Verbena)

Sachet / Bag of 50 Sachets

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We source only the best Verveine, also known as Lemon Verbena. The big green leaves produce an unusually full-bodied herbal brew with a wonderful lemon yellow colour and aroma.

Ingredients: lemon verbena.

Mike's Rating

1 Briskness
1 Body
3 Aroma
 Details: Verveine has been appreciated for more than a thousand years. People enjoy its clear lemon flavours and lack of caffeine. The French developed an affinity for it and made it into a much beloved tisane.
 Feuilles : Large green verbena leaves.
 Liqueur : A clear green-yellow.
 Arôme : A very light lemon aroma.
 Flaveurs : Verveine (Lemon Verbena) has a very light lemon flavour, very fresh and clean.
 Niveau de caféine : 0 mg/sachet
 Corps : Light-bodied, nice for an herbal.
 Temps d'infusion : 5'
 Température d'infusion : 95°º